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Guangdong, located in the South of China, was one of the earliest provinces to open its doors to the world, and has been one of the most active provinces in the modern economic reform and development of China.  The people from Guangdong are in every corner of the world, and have made progressively more and more contributions to their local communities and to our motherland.

As a Non-profit Organization registered with the State of Texas, the Guangdong Association of Texas has an open membership uniting and offering association to those who are from Guangdong, related to Guangdong, and even to those who are in no way related, but are interested in Guangdong and join us in pursuit of our goals.  Together, we will promote the advancement of participation in the main stream of American society, and the enhancement of social and economic status within our American communities.  We will serve the local communities, and support prosperity among Chinese-Americans.  We will promote the bonds of friendship between the USA and China, and encourage cooperative programs between Texas and Guangdong.  We will also promote and support educational development in China, especially in low income areas of Guangdong Province


Guangdong Association of Texas 9720 Townpark Dr. #180 Houston, Texas 77036 USA.



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